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There was me, a creator who sucked a ORGtone, yet was a great writer and spriter.  I know that I haven’t much to offer, but rest assured, I will release a beta when the time comes.  Alas, all I have finished is three tilesets, one background, and the plot.  I do more each day, “cause I have no life” and my skills in TSC, while not perfect, get better with each passing day.

 The game is Towers, you play as young soldier Veyrn.  Veyrn is sent on a mission to the great towers to investigate a sudden lapse in all ingoing and outgoing cummunications.  No one believes that this is more than a technacle issue, and that it will be solved quickly, butyou soon find out that there is much more going on than that.  You will see things that shock you, make you question the way you think, and kill you enough time to royaly piss you off.

Thanks for any support, and I’ll try to work on a title screen.

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