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Sorry, was a busy weekend.  I  created one of the ORG remakes for the song “High Notes” and am quite proud.  ANd I have finally figured out a recording method, so I will fix my other one and present them next week. 

I went through an idea that was revolutionary and trashed it all in the same day.  It was to change the game play in itself by making kinda like an Rpg.  How?  Well enemies can be set to activate events, so if one was set to make you travel to another room, change the sound track, present some enemies to you, make a door appear when you kill them all, and add exp to the weapon you had when you left; then it would have been kinda like an Rpg.  The only flaw I had found was how to warp back the exact spot you were in when the enemy hit you, but I wouldhave found a way around that.  I really just dropped the idea because I don’t believe that it would look very good with the story line, and would require a plethora of more rooms to be added to the mix.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see if I can get those songs posted next week.

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