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It’s something my math teacher likes to say when he makes a mistake, and don’t you criticize because he’s the best math teacher ever.

But I’m sad to say that I wasn’t able to get Audacity to record my songs.  I run on Windows 7 and it SUCKS, and has a broken audio recording system.  I have an idea on how to do songs, but it will require some time.  But to compensate, I will reveal some information to this non-existing audiance and show the three background sprites that I finished. 

First is the sprites:

And the character sprites I probably should have shown earlier, “and should edit.”

As for the bit of information, I have come up with the idea for a character for comedic relief.  While I am deciding on a name and sprite style, he will be the first boss, and then appear in cutscenes whenever you finish a major event.  His humor will be based around the basic fact that he is egotystical and a failure.  The other thing is a mysterious character who speakes to you and gives occasional hints over a radio.  But I have said too much already.

Earlier today I near finished a new tile set for a library, which will have a background based off of background tiles, and windows looking out to the sky and the maps actual background.  All that needs to be done is more decorational tiles and some ideas for enemies in said place.  woot.

I would like to say again that I am deeply sorry for the lack of music and that if there is no other way, then I will just post the Org’s on mediafire; I don’t really care if someone has the raw Org.  Speaking of Orgs, I have a friend of mine with some actual musical talent who is considering assistance with music.  While I do need to check up on that, and give instructions on some of the Orgtone layout, it should be  fine.


Why does no one comment?  I’m not begging, but sometimes I honestly just want to see something sounds dumb or looks ugly.

One Comment

  1. These sprites are rely good bro o:
    I’d like to see this project completed

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