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As promised.

As you can see, you don’t start in the tower right away.

This week I finished the Org for the reocurring character, made his sprites, made a cut scene with him, scripted an ambush, finshed  1 and 1/2 sprite sheets, and applied for a side job.

Someone in my class, who knows I am a spriter, told me a friend of his was working on a game and needed a spriter.  It’s for a game called “kwrpg” and it is looking pretty good for me.  I love trying new things and spriting, so I will  take on any challenge!

Still don’t expect a beta for some time, as I would like for the first one to be rather long.  I hate really short betas, so I will not make them.

My goal was to finish that ambush sceen by tthe end of the week, and I did it.  However, it was no easy task.  There are many different methods to make enemies appear from nowhere, and only one would work.  So I would like to throw a big shout out to =Noxoid= and =Wedge of Cheese= for the help in that. 

I still have graphics to tweak, “everything must be changed in some way, even just a little bit” but all I can think of is the mushrooms from the graveyard, the effects, and the fire from the fire places, “refer to first screen shot”


  1. The inside screenshot, the first one, looks rather spiffy; it does a good job of simulating a light effect. With the other two, I might suggest going with some more neutral tones – add a dash of blue to the grey, some red to the green, green to the brown… One thing I notice in Pixel’s work is he uses more muted colours, and of course I always try to learn from Pixel.

    • I made those sprites about three months ago and agree that they need some change in color. I plan to play the beta at least three times when I finish to look for things like this, so it will probably be fixed by then

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