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I keep on playing it and realize that it has become increasingly difficult to be creative.  I began mapping out the first really big area with terminals and walls in your way etc…  I was busy working in real life on Halloween, so I wasws too busy and tired to think of anything.  I’ll let you know when I do.  NEW WEAPON IDEA!!!  Behold the spark, “no image available”, it is a weapon with only a two block range and much power.   A weapon to use in the event you are close to an enemy and don’t want to deal with shooting a bunch of times.  Since range is practically nothing and power is really high, people would have to judge how much they want to do the damage.  The logic as already made, “thank you Polar Star” I just need to find out how you remove the little graphic from when you fire a weapon and when it reaches max distance, “I hate assembly”.

I’m should be doing homework right now, so see ya next week!

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