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Here are some screen shots. 

I finished the boss fight, dream sequence, and the first part of the areas using the pipes tile set.  With the =Spark= I can’t decide whether or not to include a boss fight.  I can’t decide because the range is literally a block in front of you. 

 The room after is pretty much finished, it just needs the TSC and flags applied for it and the next room. 

The game is meant to be pretty difficult and it is turning out to be so, but I’m really finding it hard to be creative with it.  I don’t want to just put in a bunch of badly located enemies and call it hard.  That is why I like to plan this stuff out ahead of time.  I’m really excited for things I know won’t even be released until probably the third or fourth beta.  Probably just because I know how to do them and can garaunte that no one has thought to do them yet.  I still need to get my beta out before GIRKAcheezer gets WTF 5.0 out.  If I don’t I’ll end up like the kid who follows up the musical artist with knock knock jokes in a talent show; wishing I’d gone first. 

I made an ORG this weekend and I can’t decide where to use it, it came out good, but I see two different places to use it.  ORG making sucks.  Even making remakes is hard, which is porbably the reason that I want to have mostly original music. 

To end it all, one more picture for good measure:

I just thought about it when I saw the sprite.


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