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I finished two songs this week, and they came out pretty good.  One original, one half original, half sequenced.

Here is the first:

And the other:

As you can imagine, the names you see in the downloads, will not be the names in the final product.  I still need another 5 boss themes.  This seems to be the hardest part of the mod.

I wish I had some screen shots for this week, as I finished a bit.  The pipes area is all finished, as is the puzzle area I started on tuesday, and of coarse the agriculture area.  I REALLY like the way the agricultural area came out.

I did some assembly for a bit and almost broke the game, good thing I fixed it, and am now going to try my hand at NPC editing.  Pray for me.  I really just need to edit the Ballos first form entity, but that will still be a lot of work. 

Now I’m trying to work on the abandoned living center, which has quite a few maps attached to it.  I need to put in a boss fight as well, and try to keep things just plain fresh.  I’m trying to use as little of Pixel’s ideas.  As well as make it hard.  So it will probably be a puzzel and key fetching area. 

If anyone has a chance, check out Carrotlord’s new mod.  It’s really hard, “at least in puzzles”, but it is really fun and totally worth the download.

EDIT: Sorry, one of the download links was duplicated, I fixed it.

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