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Here’s a quick screen shot:

I like the way this one looks.  I had a big help from Noxid with my booster hack, “meaning he did it all” so now the booster 0.8 functions as a double jump, and the booster 2.0 is limitless.  Prepare for a spike surounded boss fight!  The double jump increases the max jump height from 3 blocks to 5, “when used correctly” and I plaed with it forever. 

I said schme because I havn’t gotten much of the map making done this week.  Whenever I think of the tsc needed and how long and tedious it will be, my brain just kinda shuts down.  But I will do it this week, and hopefully not be lazy again.

EDIT: Looking at all the screen shots I’ve taken, I can see why some might think of this game as being a little random.  I can assure you that it is not, and that this game will be serious, the places are going to be linked together properly, and there will be cake. lie

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