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Hello, and it’s time to let you all know what needs to be done in the mod:

1. About 2 or 3 more orgs.

2. Testing out th eentire mod at least three times myself.

3. Tweak old graphics to look better.

4. Alpha testers.  For the alpha testers, I pick Ollie and Noxid, as well as one of my friends.  You guys will get a copy when it’s ready.

This may actually take a while, because I am once again in a rut when it comes to music.  I simply can not find any songs that would fit the emotion of the area that hasn’t been over used in the internet or used once in a mod.  Maybe I’ll learn how to play an instrument to understand more about music.  As far as I can tell, I tend to do best when I take an element from Pixel’s style, and build around it.

Okay then, until next week.

p.s. Does anyone else remember these games?

I’ve been listening to their music again.

One Comment

  1. I’d be happy to test it out. 😀 As for the games, I don’t recall either. I never really had a Playstation for a long time.

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