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How does it look?


  1. ….I think it looks awesome.

  2. Looks good! I wanna play!

    The tower background looks good; the bricks seem a little, hmm what’s the word..? I notice how they repeat a bit easily…
    Main character looks pretty cool and all the graphics tie in well~

    • Let me guess, plain? I figured as much, it was late and i was tired so I didn’t do too much for detail on the background. I’m gonna add more stuff to it later so it just looks better.

      • Hmm, nah I don’t think it’s too plain.
        It’s how the pattern of the background bricks when tiled stand out to me; is kinda what I was trying to say. Rather than like Cave Story backgrounds kinda look like one big background image.

        It doesn’t look bad or anything; that just crossed my mind.

  3. Yeah, looks good. I agree with what lexarvantails says about the background though.

    The main thing is how the grey bricks seem to make a sort of “grid” pattern on the back.

    I’ve taken your texture and copy-pasted a few blocks just to sort of show what a difference it can make

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