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My music skills, well, still suck, So I have developed a new plan to better them.  I am going to take EVERY song in the CS soundtrack and remix it in OrgMaker and post them all at once when I’m done.  My goal is not to have any remixes with just volume adjustments and instrument changes, but actual resequencing.  It’s my own little remix project.  This is to besecret for the moment, so “even though you probably wouldn’t anyways” please don’t mention it to anybody before hand.  I will leave you with this piece of information about the mod.

I am making the mod’s cutscenes and a bit of it’s storyline more like the game Paper Mario, so it requires ALOT of revising of what I’ve got.  This means the next release will have more cutscenes, a deeper plot, enhanced music, 2x graphics, more added to the previous maps, hopefully more ASM hacks, and whatever else comes to my mind later.  Also, because he was a bit dull, I’m changing EVERYTHING about the soldier that was the last releases final boss.

Here’s a picture for the road:

See ya next time!


  1. I am looking forward to this

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