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I have mentioned this most everywhere else but apparently not here.  My music is now mostly being made and edited by JustSomeToast.  A user I met on the DSi’s FlipNoteHatena.  He is responsible for all remakes and most new songs.  And he takes requests, “says it’s good practice for him”.  if you need to improve a song drastically then email, but not for remixes of actual songs.  He doesn’t do that.  Here is an example of something he has made for me:  That is not the original file name, but it fits for the songs use.  I still do a bit of the music, mostly the slow stuff because I am pretty decent at it.

For the whole remixing thing, since I have been busy, I have only finished Access, Balcony, and half of Cemetary.  I need to listen to the remix project more to get some ideas.

Until next time, by guys!

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  1. Nice song, I can kinda see whatever Bridge Surfing is while listening to it xD

    @remixing – Keep it up! Ah, that reminds me I need to try making a song…
    I need to figure out how to stay focused… I think I caught the digital cold…

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