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To put it simply, yeah, I’m gonna do it.  Before any details let me explain the blog from here on.  Instead of letting this one die, I will simple rename it, change the interface a bit and report on both games.  Your one stop for all HyMyNameIsMatt creations.  And if any of you don’t like the idea of me starting something new,

Now that the meme is out of the way, let’s explain it.

The project name is Murky Oddity.  A light physics puzzle platformer game.

Thie inspiration for this game revolves mostly around this game:

I was looking at the game awhile back and thought that only Nintendo could get away with a game like this.  Now I have realized that they aren’t.

The initial idea was created by a friend of mine, who enjoys writing stories.  I recieved a random text message from him one night saying this:

“You know, I have seen a place in my dreams.  It was a dark place.  There would be green eyes staring jealously at me in the darkness.  Those eyes I fell in love with.  This barrier of black would separate us, though neither of us felt more afraid.   She couldn’t enter the light.  I couldn’t enter the dark.  But our hands could touch when placed on that barrier of black.  She whispered to me from behind it, and I shouted back.  A being stuck in the dark would finally laugh with a boy from the light.  And so she would help him traverse the darkness.  She would pull the darkness away from hazards and skip happily along in front of him.  She could sail around in the dark, while he was grounded in the grace of light.  This could cease to be a dream, should you choose to program it.”

And chosen I have, “after 5 months”.  We both kinda dropped interest for a while, until I discovered the program Construct.  Usually I don’t like game makers, until I saw a game demo called Iconoclasts, “you should check it out by the way” and the creator said he had begun using Construct to make the game.  Since the game was very high quility, I knew that good works could be made with such a program, and the fuel to create began burn.  Before dropping it earlier we discussed ideas for the game for awhile, and since discovering Construct have spent weeks sharing opinions and ideas via text.

Now, the game itself shall be humorous, as we have drifted somewhatfrom the original idea above.  The main character’s names are Veyrn and Soyah, we came up with her name because one time he made a spelling error.  He said “Soyah” insted of “So yah”.  Also a villain named Miza, “like the file name from CS” who speaks in VERY complicated language and a variety of characters met along the way.

The setting is something that sets this game apart as far as I’m concerned.  After a quick tutorial esque level, Veyrn crosses a bridge on the way to his grandfather’s house, and the planks of wood underneath him break, sending him into a dark abyss.  Her in the darkness he stumbles around until he runs into Soyah, who has been trapped for years by a lantern in here path.  Thus the two begin to travel together.  Soon Veyrn obtains his light source and weapon of choice, a glowstick.  Fear the almighty glowstick!

Soon after their travelling stars they encounter the remains of an ancient civilization.  This would feel depressing, had not the ghosts of the people who lived here still been lurking about.  This would be the kind of “hub” area in which you access all other places.  When they leave they encounter Miza and her lackies, who are themselves trapped in this cave.  Miza is a foul person, who is cursed in a way similar to Soyah.  She can enter artificial light, but not sunlight.  Even in light she only appears as a silhouette.  This prevents her from going to the surface and wreaking havoc.  To end her curse she seeks out pieces of an Obsidian Mirror, 7 to be exact.  But will this mirror end the curse placed upon Soyah as well?  Where are these pieces located?  Why are they cursed as so?  Why can’t I think of more dramatic questions?

And thus, Murky Oddity.

Puzzle elements are based around logic and the fact that light acts like a solid object to Soyah.  So a searchlight on it’s side would function as a bridge.  Needless to say we’ve come up with EVERY object that could be used based off of light.

Graphics are inspired by the Paper Mario style, but not exactly.  Here’s the main character sprite as example:

I’m going to update that picture at least 4 more times before I feel it’s finished.  Soyah, “being s silhouette the whole game” has no concept art yet.

The humor is something I am very dedicated to.  So in each level you meet a new character who has also found their way into this massive system of cave and tunnels.  As an example, Kent Bridges, adventurer extraordinaire.  He got lost from his film crew and has no idea what to do.  Despite being a hit on tv, he’s a coward.  A huge coward.

There’s more stuff conceptually, but that’s for the next  post.  Let me know what you guys think of the concept.

Writing is being done by Luccifan45 and I.  Programing is beign done by me.  Music is being done by Punch the Jungle, “same musician helping me before” and I.



  1. I think it sounds like a great idea, and you should definitely go for it. Light-based mechanics are usually pretty cool and it sounds like you’ve got a good story to go with it.

    On a quasi-related note, the new background for your blog is hard to read on >.>

    • Background shall be changed, and the story does it’s best to take a twist on the collect 7 items ot beat the game method. No that it’s easy to do. Fun fact, I couldn’t think of what to make the mirror out of, so I thought of what would be underground. I instantly thought of Minecraft.

      • Aren’t mirrors made of silver; which is found underground?

        • Yes, but those are too common to make the main item. Obsidian is black, “therefore cool” and really is shiny. It’s actually very fragile, “unlike in Minecraft”.

  2. It sounds like you’ve got a good idea of the setting and atmosphere you want. I would recommend working on the puzzle elements as well – you won’t be able to program in anything if the game mechanics haven’t been decided upon.

    Having a theme is a good start; but the devil is in the details.

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