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So for those concerned, I have figured out how to make and animate the swivel, “professional term is bone” movement!  Also I have basic movement running.  I still have to tweak it to make it feel nice for the game type.  Next is building the rest of the body parts for the main character and testing it to hell.  Once I finish all that, I’ll build the first few minutes of the game and let you guys test it.  Easier said than done, here’s what been accomplished with the body parts:

It needs work.  Then I can do the head and the little piece of scarf!  Any artistic people here  feel free to tell me what’s wrong in detail.  Shoot, I’ll post individual body parts if you want to get really in depth.

Music wise, my good friend JustSomeToast has started a blog on WordPress as well.  You han find it here:

So if you’re into that sorta thing, then I’d subscribe to that.  He makes alot of good music.

Till next time!



  1. The shoes are really bugging me… the outline looks really weird.

  2. I’ve always preferred regular raster sprite animations over bone animations of vector images. Raster normally looks prettier due to the effort put in, whereas with bone animation you can get a kind of fake-doll look unless it’s 3D.

    • Well that’s What I wanted to do for this game. It should be more visually appealing once I adjust the animations.

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