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Yeah.. I’m posting here now. Appearently multiple users can’t post to one blog… so… yeah

All murky oddity music will be discussed and posted and admired by me. So don’t confuse me with Matt got it?…

I really wish I could post here as justaometoast…

Wow OK to many blank lines here. Stop it enter key!


  1. Pretty sure multiple wordpress users can use one blog?

    My Blog-> Dashboard::Users->add existing user

    I mean I’ve never tried it myself but it seems to be an option

    also blank lines are cool what are you talking about

    • The whole point of this post was to get someone to tell me if you can do it or not HAHA you fell in my trap… well its not really a trap,but, whatever. I’ll tell matt.


  2. wow i should have just posted that reply with my account…

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