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Finally had a chance to finish some animations.  I had made some before, but due to an error I made at the beggining, “one the program couldn’t forgive” I had to restart.  But at least now his torso can move!

Controls, (subject to change): Z to jump, arrows to move, esc to close.  The hit box needs a bit more adjusting and the animations could be tweaked a bit.  So just let me know your thoughts on them.  Still to come is looking up, lokking down, facial expresions, hurt, etc…  Wow this is a pain.

Things have been rather slow because I’ve been back in school, (Damn my free education!) so I finished my stuff early to do these animations.  I am taking web design, so I’ll see if I can release the game on a professional-ish site.

One last thing, I can’t stress enough how much joy it would bring me to take a look at my buddy’s blog:

Thanks for checking in again, as it’s been nearly a month >.<



  1. your mentioning me so much that it makes me seem desperate! lol

    • I don’t want you to seem desperate, I want me to seem greatful. Haven’t you learned that it’s all about me yet?

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