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Well... now that I can post here Matt can't hog all the glory! HAHA! well,
 that is if he renames the blog to the "end of existence games dev blog"
 did he mention the name? I don't think he did. So unprofessional.
 I guess ill tell you guys then, we have a name for our little group,
 me matt and that other guy that is (I still haven't even heard anything
 directly from that other guy...huh.) END OF EXISTENCE GAMES.
 personally I don't like it very much but I can't think of anything better,
 I think I have a pic that matt made somewhere...
 ok actually I don't, I have no idea where it went but it was a cool logo.
 Alright one more thing.

EDIT: apparently there is no easy way to tell who posted what... so, this
 was a post by me, justsometoast

One Comment

  1. There is one way, the font is different.

    EDIT: And you call me unprofessional, YOU HAZ GRAMMER ERRORS! As anyone who has known me on the internet can tell you that I generally avoid those.

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