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It appears development slowed for a little bit, but it’s been school time so I’m gonna get some stuff done.  I would like to finish working out the ‘bump’ that occurs when an enemy damages you, and am almost finished with that, alog with other tedious bits of programing.  I would like to get up an experiance system along with a few enemies by the end of march, an the glowstick combat system by the end of November.  Until then enemies shall die in the Super Mario Brothers style.  Jumping on them.  A big thanks to CrippleChair for assisting me in getting started on the first of the cave tilesets,  and ideally there will be about 5.  They will each have multiple 128×128 chunks of rock so variety will be there, and I would like to avoid certain things Pixel did, “such as tiles not always fitting together” as that really bugs me.

Music has been going as expected.  Slow.  My skills have improved though, and thanks to piano class I’ve been able to come up with a few compositions that need to modified.  I’ll also try to learn, “and possibly buy” how to use the program flStudio, as it is currently the program justsometoast uses to convert my midis to mp3 format and add onto them.  It’s certainly an interesting program.

While all the level ideas are already in my head, I’ll give a spoiler as to what I would like the first to be.  After Veyrn and Soyah discover that the mirror may be able to help them, and they head off to where a piece is rumoured to be, the Rooted Caves.  After adventuring through various tunnels to get there, the reason for it’s odd name is evident.  The caves are full of roots and plants!  Apparently the plants from the surface have roots growing so deep that they have infested this cavern.  Off of these roots various little plants have grown, making the place much more green than the average cave.  Shortly after exploring, our heros meet the Sunflowers.  A race of walking flowers that live off of the nutrients in the ground and water.  They radiate light off the pedals, that under the right conditions is very bright.  however they are very dim at the moment.  It appears an odd shard of black glass has been found by a younger sapling, and then stolen by a much larger plant.  That plant began to grow more monsterous and has secluded himself far away from the others, in the more dangerous parts of the cavern.  He continues to grow and continues to suck up more and more nutrients, leaving almost nothing for the Sunflowers.  They may very well lose all the nutrients in the ground and water and starve if something isn’t done.  Of course our heros are up the task.  But what awaits them in the Rooted Caves?  Only time will tell.

My hope is to get this far into development by the end of May or June.  This will mean the following is done:

  • An experiance point system
  • An items system
  • A pause menu (the thing I dread right now)
  • A combat system
  • Soyah’s AI
  • Have myself set up for editing, (detrmining which programs to use for what, shortcuts and memory saving tools for the editor, learning Python, etc…)
  • And of course deciding who I’d like to assist me in the project.

The last is the easiest part, I have many friends willing to assist.  I would like to leave you with something other than a wall of text to read, so here’s a midi I worked on.  It’s just a short one, that I will reference when I want to make a sad song:

I’ve been writing more little tunes than full songs lately, which is what happens when your in piano class and don’t have infinte channels and 128 instruments at hand.

Sorry for the length of time between posts.  I wanted to post something, but had nothing to post.  So I just posted the level idea and whatever else came to mind.  I’ll try to accomplish more so I’ll be able to post more.



EDIT:  Apparently I posted the wrong link.  Should work now.


  1. Your blog lives!

    Lots of content this time :0

    • I aim to please. I’ve been busy and finally had free time last night. How did you like the whole “Sunflower” thing?

      • The sunflowers remind me of a board game called “Betrayal in the House” or something like that. One scenario in that boardgame leads you into a trap with tons of mutant (as in deadly) plants.

        Anyway, sounds like a cool idea for the Rooted Caves.

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