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So uh, Still planning thins out, and since this game is in beggining stages I obviously have time to change ideas or concepts and other things.  SO this is what’s going on right now:


Simply put, I don’t want to use Construct to make this.  I have learned that the ability to create large games is very hindered and is only possible with shit tons of memory saving programing things, which I don’t know.


I have a solution, I have recently started doing some spriting for n0rtygames, and after some time I might be able to convince the very kindly programmer to huild me some tools to get started, “it’s not much of a task, he’s gotten games running in 3 days”, if not, I have to find an engine in either Java or C++ to work with.


All the games graphics will be vector based.  The bitmap images take too long to draw.  I’ll still be making sprites, just not for this game.

My apologies for not posting sooner, these were big hoops to jump through.  It basically means that I’m starting fresh, we’re even considering remaking all the current music to have custom soundfonts.  In time I suppose.  If anyone wants to recomend something after this announcment’ “a program, engine, etc…” then let me know.



  1. bitmaps take longer to draw than vector images?
    this I did not know

    • Well, the size and type I’m making are easier to make with vector programs. I suppose using the same stuff the make really high resolution images could work, but I need to think about it more first.

      • Oh did you mean draw in the sense of actually making them, because I was thinking like rendering :p

  2. Interesting switch of plans. For a built-from-scratch game engine, I suggest looking for one in Java or C++, both of which you mentioned. Allegro is a great library for C++, and you can see some decent freewares made with it.

    Java is good for games but you’ll need multithreaded programming like any other. I suggest making a progress bar with Java before you start diving into the gaming stuff.

    You could also try writing your own game engine instead of finding one. I know that sounds like a nightmare but I think it would be more exciting and less painful than reading about someone’s poorly documented API.

    Your vector graphics approach sounds intriguing.

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