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I have a blog.  That’s right huh…

Well, I’ll have to feel guilty for lack of progress then.  I’ve been doing some sprite art for N0rty games and been trying to apply for financial aid so I can pay to go to college.  It may be the most frustrating thing I’ve done in… forever.

Not much was actually done for Murky Oddity.  The only notable thing is that I decided on the final design of Veyrn, and need to create it now.  I gotta figure out how to make the vector art programs less of a pain in the ass.

If you feel like helping, then you can answer a question for me:  How do you create soundfonts without expensive recording studios?

If anyone wants to volunteer some time as a programer to help Murky Oddity get started, “cause I won’t have time for awhile” then they can let me know.  The goal for the game might switch to an Xbox live title, as I know people who make those types of games, but I’ll probobly give a few copies away to a select few of those loyal since the beggining.

The summary of today’s post is this: I suck, help if you want.



  1. If by soundfonts you mean like instruments for music programs, there are tons of free VSTs you can download at this here website:
    For making your own, Pixel’s ptnoise and ptvoice programs allow you to create simple tones. For realistic instrument sounds, it’s probably easiest to download someone else’s (i.e. )
    There’s always plenty of free resources available to be had, if you just know where to look.

    • Most likely. We we’re hoping to use all original soundfonts, but that kinda died. I suppose percusion can be done with pixel’s programs for the 8-bit styled songs. I suppose I could just google search: “Making soundfonts without a recording studio” or “making soundfonts without sampling”.

      It would certainly be interesting.

  2. An Xbox live title? That sounds really interesting, but I don’t have any advice on these areas.

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