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I was on development break for a bit, and learned a helluva lot more about using Gimp, writing, and drawing in that time.  I also got a creeper T-shirt for Christmas along with a keyboard so I can compose on an actual intrument.

The creeper T-shirt wins by the way.

But scholarship hunting for college has been an exhaustive effort and I hope it pays off.  To be fair, it’s for a video game art school that apparently wants me, so They’ll probably help me with these development skills…

Anyways, progress mentioning time!

I spent ALOT of time trying to make a better art style.  I hate the way Veyrn was drawn because it made things difficult to animate.  So I’ve completely redrawn his body, and when I get it off paper and on the computer you may marvel at it.  I did manage to redesign his hand however, and I’ll let you compare the new style to the old.

The left hand is the new one, and the right hand is the old one.  Sorry that it’s small, I didn’t feel like changing the size on Gimp.

While doing so, I’ve started on the design of Miza, which has been difficult considering that since she will only compose of two colors, “the outline and fill colors” her cloting and hair REALLY need to stick out.  This will also apply to Soyah, who I’m terrified to start designing, so they need to have several different characteristics.  To combat this, with Miza I’ve given her a witch-like hat, which is a giant difference in the head, as most of them will have the same basic shape, and am trying to put her hair in a ponytail as to deviate more from my plan for Soyah.  On the body, “which I haven’t even started yet!” I have to be alot more original, “I can’t use Paper Mario for any sort of tip as most characters only wear one article of clothing” I need an outfit for Miza that doesn’t consist of any sort of dress or skirt, but still looks villanous.  It also can’t look too serious or too free spirited.  Both would contradict an aspect of the character and thinking about it hurts my head.  I’m considering a jacket of some sort for that part of the torso, but at this point I’m taking any suggestion you may have.

Well, on the programing side, I’ve purchased a book on Java, and it’s pretty interesting.  I don’t think extreme programming development will come in anytime soon unless I get some actual help from a person, but I don’t expect that to happen.  Until then all I can do is refine the concepts, visuals, musical style, and game layout as much as possible when I’m bored at school and am supposed to be doing something else.

Well, I hope you guys had or are having a nice break, and I’ll be sure to post again soon.



  1. Glad to see you’re still working on this!
    If you give one of Soyah/Miza a long dress and the other a short skirt, I believe those outlines are different enough to distinguish them. If you are really against using a dress/skirt for Miza though, I don’t know that you have any option besides pants.

    • Hm… I think I’ll take a look at Skyward Sword. I just got it, and there’s quite a variety of characters, so I’ll see how they dressed them.

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