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So my friend Justsometoast showed me a video titled “Sequalitis” and it talked about gameplay and design as well as other stuff.  It was all really interesting, and I went about watching gameplay and playing a few flash games to see what things we subconciously do when playing games an how to design about that.  So here’s a few of the notes I made along with things Justsometoast had already known:

-Games that force you to jump every milisecond are extremely anoying, and to avoid this slopes should be used.

-If you can use tricks to draw a player’s eye towards something they need to see instead of putting text on the screen.

-Instead of telling the player what something does, design the level so they can see the effects of something before they have to deal with it in a challenging setting.

-When hiding things, a player will naturally look in corners and small spaces.

-Backtracking is only enjoyable when it’s scripted in some way, instead of being the same map.

-Don’t make the player “farm” for money or EXP.  It gets old, fast.

-To mix up gameplay, try to avoid sequences that require playing minigames or completely change the style of gameplay, and instead search for ways for the player to use the same tools and controls they have in different ways.  “DAMNIT!  I’m trying to save the world, and you won’t let me pass because I can’t time button presses!”

-A long game does NOT neccesarily equal a fun one.

-If something visually pops out, the player assumes it is important, so it had better be important in some way.

-Open space is usually what the player looks to first, as something probably will or should occupy it.

Alot of this was straight from Justsometoast and credit should go to him for that much.  I wanted to take advantage of a few of these tips and techniques to try some things out.  We talked for awhile and came to a few conclusions. The first being, designing the tutorial level of the game to not display any text or messages.  The player will figure out what they can do based on how the level leads them to it.  There’s actually quite alot more, but that’s really plot spoiling stuff, so I’ll leave you with this to ponder at.


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