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Or whatever else you play to feel succesful. So I’m just gonna take some time to post some of the concept art we were going over. Images are so pretty afterall right?
Note that these are still not final. some things will go thorugh changes. Most notably the glowstick.
Alright, see you next time.


  1. Hey, it’s lace. I was wondering if you’d made any progress recently, as it’d be a shame to see this crinkle and die.

    • I forgot about this blog. 😛

      Yes and no. Yes, this project will go on eventually, and all documentation is stored away. I actually can’t wait until I can finally start it.

      Atm we recently met a programmer and are working on some smaller games to apply ourselves before hand. So that’s happening. I’ll post my findings on the CS forums indie games section when it does happen.

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