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If you can’t tell, then what this area is for is so you can leave a sugestion for the game.  But I must warn you that if it involves major changes, “like the RPG thing” then I probably won’t do it.  But whether or not I will, I will at least respond to you.  Don’t you hate it when you send an email, and the person never responds?  Even if they say no, they should at least tell you so.


  1. Matt, is this you? I think I have the right website but I’m not sure.

    !!! Why did i wait until tonight to see this? This is IMPRESSIVE! While you’re not professional… yet… this is GOOD.

    I tried my hand at video game programming in 8th grade. I was not persistent enough and quit after a year. Not being able to have art to play with killed me and i wasn’t even thinking about a soundtrack yet. It seems like you got it all down. You’re going it alone. DONT GIVE UP!! I want to buy this game when it is finished!

    • Master Of Mortis
    • Posted February 23, 2011 at 2:02 pm
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    the Rocket Propelled Grenade thing?

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